An intersex / hermaphrodite disambiguation

Before explaining how I discovered my condition, I’m wanted to say something about all the gendering questions and the use of the intersex word that will finish by being meaningless.

What is an intersex : an intersex is a person that got birth with a physical malformation. This could come from a genetic disorder or from in most of the case a problem during the pregnancy.

The birth of intersex persons are not that rare, as it have been estimated it happens on 2 per 1000 birth. But what everyone forget to explain is that there is many variations going from the male gender to the female gender. From my readings, I have seen some peoples describe a 5 levels, then they considered 7 different to finish today with a 9 different levels.
Once again, it’s in most of the case not a genetic condition, that’s why I will agree that if it’s a physical malformation and not functioning organs.
In some other cases it’s genetic and on some really rare cases it will be what’s some doctors calls “true hermaphrodite” on my last research this is really rare and it have been estimated to be only 20 “case” (birth) per year in the world.

If you want to get me really mad, -don’t try it won’t get were you expected- you just need to serve me all the gender bullshit we are served everywhere lately.
Yes the word “intersex” is nicer than “transgender” or “transexual” but please use the correct word if you’re in one case. don’t tell me you’re intersex if you’re transgender and that your psychologist told you had a women mind trapped in a male body; intersex is a physical or genetic condition, and we never chosen to be that way !
Also if you got in one of the general cases and you cot a surgery to just put your testicules in place, don’t tell me it have been an unwanted surgery, if it hadn’t been done you just had been sterile today (and with a lot of problems).

I can understand that there is psychological situations that get you to think about your gender, I’m fully supportive to them, I also understand that in most of the cases on intersex birth we speak about “anomalies” but please for the rares “true hermaphrodite” stop serving us all that crap.
When we got “sexed” at birth we are rarely of what happened, so when -like myself- try to contact with others we just always arrive to dead ends.

I’m not counting the times I contacted someone that indicated to be intersex or hermaphrodite and after a dozen of messages I finally discovered the it was the psychologist that made him/her think that… For this reason now I always mention the scar question/comparaison in my first contact. Why? because if you got a surgery you automatically have a scar (even a smallest visible or not)
And I think that one of the most rude answer have been on FetLife with someone answering roughly on why I was speaking about scars, she had none and it’s a private part.
I’m not here to get in fight, I just want to meet others like me so if I indicate the scar question there is maybe a really good reason for the scar to be mentioned…

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Is that so disturbing? it’s a scar, nothing else !

You may tell me that I forgot to tell a lot of things here. Yes definitely, but making a book about it was not the point, I just wanted to make disambiguation from what’s circulate on internet and on the complication peoples using an incorrect word could make for us…

Now it is done. I will be able to abroad the real interesting story I wanted to tell : how I discovered my condition
But it’s late, and I will do all that in the next post !

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