About last night…

Sometimes life offer us some surprise, and “last night” life offered me a really unexpected one. So the previous post was maybe not reverence as I felt originally.

I think there is not a lot of words to put over this situation, except the strange feeling of that all could goes in any unexpected directions in a really magical way; and this happening in those really difficult times (covid) is even more a surprise to me.
I will just say here that in my life I felt a lot of different feeling, even the full (stupid) love one that you can’t escape by yourself, but the one I feel right now, is one I can’t describe and get word to explain it; so I will just share with you a few pictures about last night.

I hope you will enjoy them and help the butterfly to get out of her chrysalis.

Today a new universe of unpredictable possibility opened, and I can’t wait to discover the direction it will take.

With love, Tiffany💋

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