Some Q&A for the doll

I got some questions to help everyone understanding why I willingly do such a crazy and definitive move by offering myself as a blank canevas peoples will be able to moulded without any consent from the doll.

Why all this?
Some of you will see it in a dark way, but for me I see it as a rebirth!
I know my journey into all this will start with really hard times where my owners will format my brain and forget all the designs our education gave us (equity, needs, …) and rebuilt me with a proper way of thinking fully adapted to my new life.

Why a group?
Yes you all want to get me for yourself, but see the big picture, you will be able to use me as often as you want and only get the good part of this relationship.
The group also act as a safeguard, and that’s why I also made the possibilities to open to all the visitors the possibilities to give opinion on the choices. For exemple if somehow someone think of getting me amputated, the group will see if they think it’s a good idea (from my point of view it’s not).
Integrity of the group will always be important, and I count on the first member to always take the time to discuss before accepting new members.

Why have strangers taking part of the decisions?
As I previously explained it’s a safeguard, but it’s also a fabulous way to expand the way of possibilities.
To give you an exemple, if the group decide to give me breast implants, it can offer to all of you to decide if I need to look feminine with only a perfect C, or to the opposite some giant jugs. In that kind of decisions, you will be able to see what kind of doll you want to be. But always keep in mind that I’m just a sextoy, not your wife !

What’s your sexual orientation?
I’m fully bisexual, that’s why I try to keep this project open to both gender for entering the group. I think both gender have different visions and that if they get mixed it will be fabulous
Mens will most of the time more interested to release and sexually use me, women on the other side may be really more perverse at some point and definitely more turned on some psychological aspects.
That’s why the combo is always the best solution, and that I had been thinking of giving myself to a couple for long (even if the group will be far more secure…)

Did you have dreams of what you want to become?
Yes of course, but they don’t need to be blocking the process of creation, that’s why I will only give some pictures ideas on my fantasy section.
The only dream I maybe could share with you is the tight lacing one, I like tight waist on feminine body, but it also give a sensation of inescapable restriction that makes you keep in your mind why you’re suffering in it. It all give an hourglass silhouette that I’m sure everyone will be happy grab to use me.

Theses are creations made by a fabulous designer in Amsterdam :

Some of you will recognise the picture here and will directly know how much I crave to wear one. Not able to remove it, and slowly having my waist reduced. We may start with a 18inch objective, but the group will be able to decide if I need to be pushed further to 16 or less (note that less will require some ribs removal… so there will be consequences)
Why is that only a dream? Not because I never been able to afford, BizareDesigns price are really honest considering the quality, it’s that I always considered I couldn’t be the one to locking myself in like collar also could be.

Why are you telling your mind need to be broken?
We are not speaking here to reduce my intelligence, intelligence need to be dissociated from the things that make us human, and to start with is the biggest : our free will !
How will they proceed, well by torturing, drugging and pushing util I brake. It will be really hard and I’m not looking forward for it, but this will help put new ways of thinking. It will also create some well know syndromes like Stokolm syndrome, or the pavlov syndrome… I know that my logic and intelligence could also help for this part of my training making it even more powerful.
For exemple, my brain will logically reject the enological, but if you arrive to make it think it’s not working properly it will rewrite things… I’m sure you can find a lot of informations online about how to manipulate a mind…
The objective of myself is to loose the idea of “needs” and “free will” as I need to completely be able to give all powers to my owner.

How could you really be someone property?
Don’t worry, some peoples already know I found the perfect way for my owner to register me. If one day I get lost it may be really easy to find my owner address, but you will discover it later when all those registrations have been made by my owners.
With that I will legally be a property and with that my owners will be able to transfer the ownership if they need to.
And there is a lot of other possibilities on this part, I’m sure you will love to discover how my mind have been imaginative to prepare my slave new beginning !

How will the project financial work?
Many answer are possible to answer this question, and it will be for the group to decide which are the right one. Let me expose you 4 of the possibilities.
The easiest may be for the group to use my skills and don’t worry I have some good ones to use! (I will explain on the next question)
The second possibility will be to create contents of the transformation, or even better offering you a non stop stream of the doll life.
The third one could be to sell the doll services (even if she could do it for free, it’s just an excuse to say you participated to the project and in return enjoy some of her skills !)
The Fourth one could be to have member in the group participate, but it’s not the main idea even if it maybe help everyone understand the reality of the project
In conclusion a combination of all those possibility will probably be the right solution that the group will choose. I just opened possibilities
To finish tips/donations will always be appreciated but I don’t want for the group to depends on it… (It will always touch me and makes me really happy to see that I could inspire peoples to the point they want to help me in fulfilling this life)

What’s the doll skills?
Well to tell you everything I have been doing professional photography, latex designs and high level IT management. If you look at fetish pictures over the internet, your probably already seen some of my works…
If any of those could get use in the project and I’m sure my owners will be able to see if they need the or not

What’s about your genitals?
As I said I have been made male at birth and got all my female parts removed, only a scar and a lost ovary are the remains of it.

The famous scare (except for the one up my male organs

I know that the first thing I will get asked after that picture is that if I want to change of sex. To be honest I already got female genitals, they are just not here anymore, and I think it will always be more interesting to keep me different from normal women.
My sex life drive is also really different as I’m not answering the basics to a girl or a boy pleasure. and honestly it’s difficult for me to get some, this is why I already know that chastity for exemple may work in the opposite way it need to be. If you kill my desire you will only get me less horny, and less focussed on pleasure, and as I take most of my pleasure to make people cum… A solution will be to keep me on hormones to balance my complicated cycle only on the feminine side, it will keep low my male drive; but once again it’s just some idea, and I won’t decide on it.
The important point the group will always have to take in consideration is my difference from the normal males and females something that normally works may have undesired effects… (I know it really well sadly)

What’s your ultimate sexual use?
Outch if I answer a lot of people could run away! but let’s be honest and answer your question. My absolute sexual desire is to be attached under a bench and getting fucked by pony and stations with no way to escape their huge cock, the hardcore penetration and their huge flare when they will cum. I like to imagine that a powerful beast will just use me without any consideration contrary to a human that even if he/she use me will always keep a little thinking of the human body I have.
Why I want to be tied under a bench, the answer is easy, and it’s basically about security. the way I will be adjusted offer the possibility to limit the penetration length or be injured by the hooves.
A really interesting part on all this will also be the psychological aspects of it. Once tied don’t worry I will be fearing of what will happen next, but also it will garanty my safety. Because I won’t be able to escape it will also make it more intense; the other interesting idea is that everybody know anal need to be progressive so why not do the same in the situation, and after all who said I will only serve one stallion. As I’m tight up I’m all free to get them all ! Now you will understand I sometime love to identify myself as a ponygirl !
wow I’m getting really wet and horny picturing that….
To finish here, I will just add as a side-note, that yes, I already done stallions (a small one but still a stallion…) it’s maybe the most amazing experience I made and the only time I felt pleasure during the last 6 years.

Dimitry’s perfect illustration to this 🐴💦

What’s your worse fear in this project?
I think it’s to be completely abandoned at some point; This won’t be an option as it will leave me in a really difficult situation that could have real hard consequences like death. So let’s not think about it I love my life and I want to use the gift it is to do something great and share it with the world.
I also could fear of some really extreme choices that could be take me to some unwanted slave definitive uses, but that’s also why I hope the group will be able to think that the gift I offered is a fabulous one, one that appeal for fabulous things and that have a real potential ! Don’t you think?

To finish, this is a note for the future :
There will always be haters on this earth so I wanted to address them, and protect the project from their unbalanced morality.
I will always write it everywhere for everyone to know the choice I made by offering myself have been done in a really calculated decision. The process took years to arrive at this point and I had all the time and the experiences I needed to ensure it would really be what I wanted.
And to be honest : It’s my life not yours !
So judge or hate it if you like, but don’t destroy all that I spent my life to prepare.
If you think I was mentally deficient to make this choice, I’m sad to say that it’s the complete opposite and I’m sure the first members in the group will confirm (or anyone who know me in fact). I consider my intelligence to be my main problem in my life as my brain is always working and calculating all possibilities and consequences in any situations. This IQ will be one of the hardest think for the group to break if they want to really re-format me…
Anyway life gave me some strange particularities and I’m sure there is a reason that will show it full potential in this project !

Let’s finish with one of my favorite ponygirl illustration… 🦄 sexy isn’t it?

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