The missing part of a doll

Let’s be honest : I have a fixation on my breast and my waist…

My breast obsession started really early as I was 11 !
It’s like my boy were missing something important. I had been thinking I needed to change sex (I haven done the full complicated path of psychological studies to get to the hormonal treatments
Imagine my satisfaction and complete understanding of myself the day I discovered I got birth with both sexes !

The only problem here is that the hormonal cycle that started when I turned 30 due to the presence of an ovary -yes they forgot the right one…- makes them change from a A to a C cup.
Of course this cycle is completely random and I already know that one day they may never grow again -makes me get nightmares lately-

Is this side effect? yes I LOVE them !

The problem here? Society judgement mainly…
How many time did I heard that breast was a “side effect” of my condition, how many times people may had found me crazy?
It’s like you were not really able to make yourself like you wanted and all that because of a surgery I got the day I got birth….

The only way peoples could understand it is in a BDSM situation… that’s perfect I have the mind of a real slave !

To be completely honest, I can’t stand my image in the mirror when this part -this side effect- is gone, I just feel ugly, just feel sad, and that no-one understand apparently
I tried everything to make this change happen, got see surgeons, every time someone had an argument to discourage me and make me doubt… And when you try to think logically, you tell yourself that if they all try to discourage you they are maybe right !
They are just not in my body that’s all ! they did not got birth with a Mosaic Klinefelter condition ! My brain known already that there were missing parts when I was 11 !!!

In our society we consider that people do things to make themselves appealing to others, and it’s true ! Most women get breast implants after some reflections about size, sometimes it’s because to please their companion and psychologically speaking they feel like an alien body is inside their body, even sometimes they comes to regret it.
I think surgery is good when you do it for you at first. when it’s something important to you and never because the society made you think you needed it…

To conclude, I will just say that’s my vision is not about size -that’s why I always kept all possibilities open for my owner- It’s about a missing parts and the acceptance of my body.

I felt happy that night, tired after a long night but happy
I as happy in front of that mirror, so I had to photograph this rare instant…

I will be closing my eyes to picture me with a beautiful breast and an hourglass silhouette… goodnight !

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